What Services Can I Find in a CNC Shop?

It’s easy to look at the theory of CNC and to talk about the advances that the technology has made possible. But, in the end, the question always boils down to one key fundamental: What can a CNC shop do for me?

Just like the machines that make the work possible, the services available from a CNC shop are vast. Obviously, here at Excello, we take great pride not only in our technicians and our machines, but also in our facility. 25,000 square feet of floor space allows for an incredible level of output. So, what exactly can you get out of it?

CNC machining is at the heart of any CNC shop and ours is no different. 11 CNC milling machines stand ready to carve out parts, tools, and other pieces ranging from the fairly simple to the most complex imaginable. At the same time, our 10 CNC turning lathes, all with a wide variety of tools on them, are also available.

CNC drilling is also a part of a CNC shop. Once pieces are formed and shaped, some must then be drilled in order to attach or receive another part of the final product. To that end, our 8 drill presses, ranging in size from 8 to 30 inches, are available for just about any project.

Services don’t stop with CNC turning and milling, however. Any shop is going to need to be prepared for other miscellaneous needs that come up. For example, here at Excello we have 4 engine lathes as well as a variety of grinders. Add to that our manual milling machines, saws, blasting machines, and our 10 ton press and you have a shop that is well suited for just about any manufacturing need you might have.

All the manufacturing capacity in the world isn’t going to help you, however, unless you hold yourself and your work to the highest standards. And, for that, you can’t beat a good quality control department. Ours happens to be second to none. Our coordinate measuring machinery as well as our team of inspectors ensure that nothing leaves our facility that does not meet specifications.

You see, when it comes down to it, a CNC shop really should offer just 2 things: parts that have been machined to absolute perfection and customers that are nothing less than 100% satisfied with the outcome. Without these two things, it doesn’t matter if your shop is 5000 square feet or 55,000 square feet – you’ll never reach the level of pride or confidence that we here at Excello have in the product we produce.

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